Tuesday, June 19, 2001

Well, today is my second wedding anniversary, I love you Randee!!

I thought I'd give you all a littl tidbit smidgen of our relationship.

We met in 1993, I was 16, he was 17. He was the cutest guy in school! I had a boyfriend, he had a girlfriend, so we decided to just be "pals". After some time, we decided that our respective significant others weren't the right ones. We eventually got together after much High School farcical nonsense, and we weer finally dating. He was sweet, silly, fun and most of all a great person.

Well, he was one year older than me, so when he graduated and left for college, we were both just SURE that it wasn't going to work. I cried a lot, and he called me a lot. We saw each other as much as we could. I can still remember how he looked when he introduced me to his friends....I was so proud to be his little "High School Girlfriend". About two weeks before Christmas 1994, he proposed to me. I wanted to be sensible, we were both so young, but I just knew it was right, and I accepted.

I followed him to Capital University. I felt like I already had a family there. We were pretty much inseperable. WE were in Choir together, did musicals and occasionally took classes together. We were very happy. There came a time my Junior year when I was afraid that we had committed ourselves to marriage too early. I told him we should break up. For four months, we both lived apart, it was during the summer, so we weren't seeing each other on campus everyday. It was the worst four months of my life. I know, first hand what my life was like without him. I loved the person I was around him....and I think we both knew that I had made a mistake.

Gladly, Randee took me back and we were able to move on. The days without him were so dark, he fills me with such happiness that I didn't want to be in a world where I wasn't with him.

On June 19th, 1999, he and I were married in my childhood church, surrounded by friends, family and our love for one another. Being his wife has made me see that the fairy tale of love, and the reality of love can be melted together, and that You can still be broke newlyweds, and be terribly in love at the same time.

Randee, the first two years have been great, I can't wait to see what the next 35 have in store!!

I love you and you have helped make me the woman I am today.....you are my everything..."therefore I lack nothing".


Tuesday, June 05, 2001

I am tired. My job sucks, and there seem to be no open positions for youthful cynic.in my area. I just got out of a ridiculous meeting with two of my three bosses. I wanted to take the pen in my hand and stab myself in the eye! The idea of "corporate America" is starting to make me feel slightly ill. It's not that they hold that thought...........

Wednesday, April 18, 2001

Hello all,

It's me yet again. I am not sure on which subject to write. I hoping to have a little divine inspiration while I am typing.

Speaking of divine inspiration, I am reading the book "One Last Time" by John Edward. John is the host of the Sci-fi channels' hit show "Crossing Over". He is a "psychic medium" who claims to speak with the dead. I have always wanted to believe that communication with the dead was possible, but skeptical as to the validity of such "mediums".
I think, if anyone's psychic and able to communicate with the "other side", it is this man.

His book, a history of his experiences with the dead and the living alike, impels me to look inside my belief system to see if I believe this communication is possible.

I have always believed that the people that we love and who have died are always around us. Sometimes I think that I hear or see my grandfather, with whom I was very close. I want and need to feel like the love I have for him is still being shown to him. I think about him more and more. What really drives me on in life is the belief that this life does not end completely, and that there is so much more yet to come!!!

I know that I am rambling, I just kind of have to write what is popping in my head.

What do you all think??? Do you believe that there is more out there? Have you ever seen John Edward? Do you "see dead people"? Let me know ... here, on my message board
or here: my e-mail: chattykitty@hotmail.com.

Man, I didn't intend to get into this deep and philosophical rant....oh well.......

Here's looking at another day in "spiritual" America


Thursday, March 22, 2001

Todays blog has to do with loving the most important person in an office setting:

Today at lunch, eating my ham and cheese sandwich and orange, I saw a very interesting little blurb on the news.

Some bored scientist wanted to do a test on a bunch of different groups of workers to see who had the most stress. They tested salespeople, CEOs, secretaries, lab people and accountants. One group of people stood out like carpal tunnel syndrome.....the poor little secretaries. Secretaries, according to this study had 3 times the likelyhood of a heart attack, the highest "stress levels", the highest blood pressures and the highest risk for emotional breakdowns.

What does this tell you about the workplace? Well, as a quasi-secretary, I can say I'm a little biased. Each day, I type memos, send out mail, answer the phone and am the office "bi#@h" all the while, doing the marketing advertising and web design for my small company. I see every day how people consider secretaries non-citizens. I do all the crap work for the "higher ups" at my company, so thay they ahve more time to travel to exotic locations and complain about it, all the while racking in enormous amounts of money.

Now, I'm not saying that they do not have stressful or difficult jobs, no, on the contrary.

What I am saying is this:
Who, when the client is peeved off because you're avoiding answering their calls, has to quell their anger: the secretary.

Who orders the toilet paper, and coffee and makes sure that everyone has their needs attended to: the secretary.

Who actually does your typing, prints out the pages, copies, collates and binds your precious proposals, books your hotel reservations, car rental and place flights, while dealing with your mother/wife/husband/kids calling, making arrangements for gala parties for international visitors and is never invited to attend, all the while having a cheery voice when the thirty-seventh telemarketer calls trying to get past your voicemail: the secretary.

Who never even gets a "Thanks" of SECRETARIES' DAY???? The secretary.

The moral of the story is, be kind to us, whether we're secretaries or administrative assistants. We know where all your important files are....and we make your coffee!! >:-)

Here's looking at another day in corporate America


Wednesday, March 21, 2001

Hello, I am copying Nikki Rehmert, and I stole her blog idea!!

Here is my first blog:

I am sitting here, at work, nonetheless, trying to find ways to make my website appear on search engines. I enter my site name, my name, my maiden name and anything else that I could think of to equate to my webpage. All I get in response is anything you didn't want to know about Traci Lords, the "adult film" star.

I guess, I want to know how I overcome the Traci Lords disease?? Anyone else with the name spelled Traci has no chance, seeing all the sites with naked images of this person. I am so sick of spending long hours working on a site that will never be seen my the majority of the non-porn population. I want my voice to be heard!!! I'm not going to take it anymore!!!!! This is the last straw!!!

I think we should have an internet uprising!!! All the Traci's in the world need to band together and fight the Traci Lords disease!!! Let's start right now .......or maybe I'll just take a nap and worry about it tomorrow!

Oh well....here's looking at a new day in corporate America!